Data is everywhere and confusing.

Get empowered.

We bring tools and services to address care gaps
through unified data and personalized insights.
We stay with patients for the long-run.


Health Data

Bridge medical and insurance data. By unifying data, we don't need to repeat unnecessary labs or procedures.

Intelligent Insights

Tailored recommendations based on a patient's "whole picture". We can curate best next steps designed for patients.

Resources Delivered.

Work with our team to get personalized supportive care, such such as labwork, referrals to providers, pharmacies, and other services.

Automated + Insightful.

Pluto's smart assistant streamlines access. Get a unified picture with personalized tools for better care.

  • Automatically updated and organized. Unify disjointed charts into one place.

  • Fast & secure. No need to remember provider names or obscure logins.

  • Active monitoring: get live updates to events. No matter where they happen.

We work. You gain insights.


    We stay with patients, even if doctors or providers change.


    We intelligently search for new data and alert when new events happen.


    We value patient rights. We don't share de-identified data to monetize secretly.

Access around 90% of healthcare systems, with more to come...

Get insights via unified access from siloed systems.

  • & more

Empower patients.

We do the work.

Access data from siloed medical data..
Insurance and payments done.
Insights provided to address care gaps.
Link to health services such as labs and supportive care.
Get ancillary services such as pharmacy delivery.

Better Access. Better Care.

Patients can share with who they want.

We respect patient privacy.

Sensitive information is shared only between patients and who they say it's OK to share with.
Providers are reassured that we aren't selling or sharing data they want kept private.

For clinical trials, it's important that we don't share or sell de-identified data to third parties.

Sponsored researchers never have to fear their data being copied, shared, or monetized.

We believe in empowering people

When patients are empowered, medical care and clinical research flourish unbounded.