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Committed to patients. Always.

We put patients at the front and center of everything we do.

Secure and private
Patients have power.

We don't share personal data without TWO THINGS:

1. Patient consent AND
2. Patient knowledge of who they are sharing with.

Patients have a right to know and we respect that. We don't sell research data to unnamed third parties. Period.

Secure and private

Our team brings decades of health care experience

We've worked with leading health stakeholders and have spent decades aggregating data for medical societies.

We build with meaning.


We're medical doctors, engineers, and data scientists
dedicated to addressing health disparities and
equitable access to quality care.

  • Joy Bhosai, MD MPH
    Co-Founder, CEO

    Former Chief of Digital Health and Strategy at Duke Clinical Research Institute, Associate Director of Duke Global Health Innovation Center, founder of health tech group that made tools used in operating rooms and ICUs. TEDMED innovator. UCSF med school. Yale Public Health alum. Fulbright Scholar.

    Passionate about improving access for patients.

  • Guru Kora, MS
    Co-Founder, CTO

    Tech and health data expert. Previous VP of Engineering at Verana Health. Founded 3 health analytics companies that exited to Verana Health/Google Ventures and two health systems. Early team of “R” statistical programming and Human Genome Project.

    Passionate about data science and machine learning.

Current Advisory & Clinical Board

  • 23ddd7c4-5a37-4460-a6f6-f33c458349ac_6.png
    Azalea Kim, MD MBA MPP

    Chief Health Officer (CMO) at Optum Behavioral Health, Prev. Chief of Staff, Blue Cross Blue Shield NC. Primary Care doctor.

  • 83950c7d-21e9-4901-ada5-d8569a32acd2_7.png
    Bill Hawkins, MBA

    Chairman of Duke Health System. Former CEO Medtronic. Past Chairman and Co-Founder of the Medical Device Innovation Consortium (“MDIC”).

  • 93a7504e-1f48-495f-8926-93e86ef66acb_8.png
    George Mathew, MD MBA

    Previous Chief Medical Officer, DXC Technologies, North America.
    Patient advocate.

  • Matthew Holt
    Health tech influencer. SMACK. Former Founder and Chairman of Health 2.0, (now HIMSS company).
  • Jessica Federer, MPH
    Venture capitalist. Previous managing director for Huma. Former Chief Digital Officer of Bayer Pharmacueticals.
  • Greg Buchert, MD MPH
    Former CEO of Blue Shield of California, Promise Plan. Focused on Medicaid populations. Pediatrician.

We're building with purpose
Join our family
Raleigh • Knoxville • Los Angeles
Team Details

Diverisity, Equity, and Inclusion Committment Statement.

Each member of our team is committed to building an inclusive workforce. Our team fosters an equitable and inclusive work environment where cultural diversity is celebrated and valued. We believe diversity benefits and enriches the development of all of our staff and strengthens our services all around.

  • Pluto is here to step in with an ethical, patient-centered digital health platform with the promise of never selling personal data to unnamed third parties. No ifs, ands, or small print about it. Patients have rights about their data and we respect that.

    Pluto is a proactive patient-centered data platform that prioritizes security and convenience, so people can take control of their health without sacrificing privacy.

    Pluto is fiercely patient-first, while also solving critical issues for people.

  • We have ongoing positions for developers, back end engineers, account executives, implementation managers, and marketing open. Below are a few specific positions we are looking for right now. Feel free to reach out to us at or apply directly at one of the links below:

    Clinical Data Standards and Informatics Expert

    Senior Software II - Golang Services and Application Development

  • We'd love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out to us at