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Get things done.
Together, we accomplish more.

<br/>Get things done.

Three simple steps
Step 1: Get things done.

Optimize access to needed outside records prior to an initial visit, in the ER waiting room, wherever.

Get complete health records in minutes, even if patients can't remember the names of their doctors or their portal log-ins.

Streamline workflow.

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Step 3: We complete the clinical picture and connect to needed resources.
We work with you to access siloed data and bridge care gaps often left open between health systems. Outside records or insurance info? We got it. Need to connect to resources? Our clinical team can order maintenance labs and deliver meds if needed.

Fast access.

We don't require patients to remember
other provider names or obscure details.
Enroll quickly before or after their appointment.

Add support to your existing clinical services.

Are you a clinician?
  • We can access about 85-90% of health systems across the US. We've built systems that have synchronized over 200 million records for clinical trials in the past for medical societies. Now, we're building an ecosystem for patients as well. We currently have the ability to access over 270+ Million records. We can access Medicare and about 85% of health providers in the US. See our access network here

  • We've structured our tools to analyze needed metrics and built pathways to address care gaps through our team coordination. We can bring tailored offerings such as low-cost delivery of meds for uninsured patients based on their needs.

  • We've structured our tools to maintain regulatory integrity. Beyond HIPAA-compliant data aggregation, we understand that collecting data for research requires specialized features, security, and data handling. We carry those standards over to clinical practice for patients and providers.

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Looking to work together?

Easy collaborations.
Little development time.
  • Offerings are available in three ways:
    1. Used as is with direct access
    2. White or grey labeled
    3. Integrated with existing services