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We stay with patients for the long-run.

All sources. United. Longitudinal.

Pluto automates collection and organizes health data.
Even if providers change the data stays with patients. Follow participants longitudinally.

Better access for people to clinical trials.

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As a patient-focused company, we are committed to never selling data (even de-identified) to unknown third parties.
We value privacy and meet regulatory guidelines. Study data is not shared in any form unless explicitly approved by patients.

We believe in empowering people
We’re a health assistant to help get things done.
When patients are empowered with their own health data, medical care and clinical research flourish unbounded.

People centered. Completely private.

Health data is shared only with people or organizations specifically authorized by the patient, such as their providers or research groups. Clinical trials data is never sold to third-parties.

Data from sponsored research is never copied, shared or monetized. We know de-identified data can be re-identified so we take extra steps to keep study data private, unless explicity told by a research group or patient that they want it shared.

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Are you a researcher?
  • We've built systems that have synchronized over 200 million records for clinical trials in the past for medical societies. Now, we're building an ecosystem for patients. We currently have the ability to access over 270+ Million records. We can access Medicare and about 85% of health providers in the US. See our access network here

  • We've meet standards, such as HIPAA, SOC2, and FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliance. We've structured our tools to maintain regulatory integrity. Beyond HIPAA-compliant data aggregation, we understand that collecting data for research requires specialized features, security, and data handling.

    Many data aggregation companies share or sell copies of this data with outside third-parties, which can be problematic for both patients and for clinical research. Pluto will never sell copies of data to unknown third parties.

  • We keep it simple. We don't share any medical information without permission. For clinical trials, it's often important to keep data within the research group. We understand this. Many data aggregation companies share copies with outside third parties, which can be problematic for clinical research (and patients). Imagine having your study's de-identified data from a trial sold to others. We don't sell or share data to unnamed third parties patients and researchers are not aware of.

  • We stay with patients for the long-run, even if a study ends, they switch providers, move or change insurance. We strive to uphold patient experience and enrich their care.

  • Our offerings are flexible for organizations. Feel free to email us at to let us know what you need or are interested in.

Or email us at

How to work with us
Pluto can be offered in three ways:
• Provided as a unique offering• White-labeled or grey-labeled• Integrated with existing services