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Pluto Health and Huma partner together to bring smart digital tools and AI in the home

London, UK

The need for simple, unified tools that make it easier for healthcare providers, researchers, and patients to manage and understand medical care has been greatly exacerbated by the pandemic. With an onslaught of digital tools, online portals, and technologies that patients are now confronted with,managing ones’ health has become increasingly complex. Pluto Health is partnering with Huma to simplify this process by breaking down siloed healthcare systems and bringing AI-driven personalized insights in the home.

Pluto Health brings a personalized health information dashboard that combines aggregated medical records together with personalized care insights. Without requiring patients to remember the names of their providers or various portal log-ins, Pluto is working to streamline the patient experience. Beyond data aggregation, Pluto’s information dashboard also brings together parallel technologies that allow patients to receive personalized health insights, and share those insights with healthcare providers and researchers.

Huma, which combines predictive algorithms and biomarker data to help monitor patients, will leverage Pluto’s unique platform to co-create patient-centric digital tools at multiple points of access.

Patricia Bradley, US Head of Commercialization for Huma, explains that this partnership will completely change the dynamic of both research and patient care. “The combination of Huma’s patient-generated data and Pluto’s health industry data enables us to move from a ‘Polaroid’ picture of the patient, to a live 360-degree video with sound.”

Beyond the joint offering that these two digital health pioneers will be able to provide to patients, both companies share a similar set of values. Both Pluto and Huma are focused on empowering patients and protecting privacy.

Pluto Health has committed to never sharing or selling patient data to unamed “third parties” without explicit consent and patients knowing who is seeing their data. As Dr. Joy Bhosai, CEO and Founder of Pluto, describes it, “Patients need to have transparency and control of their own data. We know that this is about trust, we don’t share any medical information without permission, even de-identified to unknown people without patient knowledge of who it's shared with. De-identified data can be re-identified, so I'm not willing to put patients at risk. It's as simple as that."

About Huma
Huma is a global health technology company that helps people live longer, fuller lives. They are one of UK's fastest growing and largest providers for telemedicine. Their modular platform supports digital ‘hospitals at home’ across different disease areas. In life sciences, they power some of the world’s largest decentralized clinical trials and studies. Huma combines predictive algorithms, digital biomarkers and real-world data to advance proactive, predictive care and research. Their ‘hospitals at home’ help care for patients across the England NHS, Wales, Germany, and the UAE — evidence shows they can double clinical capacity, reduce readmission rates by a third, and reduce costs whilst providing safe, high-quality care. They offer Covid-19 digital services, not-for-profit, to national governments to help fight against the pandemic and have shipped over a million devices that complement their ‘hospitals at home’ program.

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